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The Best Mobile Slot Games to Play on Your Morning Commute

There once was a time when the commute to work on public transport offered you just a couple of entertainment options. You could look out of the window or read a book or a paper. Then along came the Sony Walkman which meant that you could listen to your own choice of music on a cassette. But today that seems like the dark ages with most people’s mobile phones combining countless ways to keep you entertained as you make your way to work.

You can message friends and family, catch up with the news from around the world, listen to virtually any music you want and, most importantly, play games. In fact, look around on any bus and train during the morning and evening rush hours and the chances are that you’ll see plenty of people concentrating on their screens totally engrossed in their games.

You’ll see fewer people, however, playing on mobile slots games as they make their way to work – and it’s surprising that it’s not more common. After all, what could be better than trying to pass the time and win a little cash too? A big win could mean that you can afford a luxury break away from work, a really huge one could even mean you could give up work altogether.

So here’s a working weeks’ worth of different games you could be playing, and you’ll find plenty more of the very best online slots at bestonlineslots.co.uk/mobile/.

Monday – Mega Moolah

Let’s start the week off with a big one. Mega Moolah is a slots game that has earned legendary status in the gaming world thanks to the huge progressive jackpots that have been won on it. One of the most famous of these occurred in 2015 when soldier Jon Heywood won a breath-taking £13.5 million for just a 25p stake. Understandably, he was asked to keep the news a secret for three days after his very lucky break but, incredibly, he still reported for duty on the day after the win. Progressive jackpots work by pooling the stake money paid into a particular online slots game across countless sites ready to be won by a very fortunate player. It’s a long shot but, as the saying goes, “you’ve got to be in it to win it!”

Tuesday – Top Gun

Even if your job’s not as exciting as flying supersonic jets – and whose is? – you can enjoy a vicarious taste of the thrill with the Top Gun slot. Like many games, it’s based on a movie, in this case the 1986 film starring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis. While it might not quite transform the No.72 bus into an F-1 Tomcat fighter, it is a game that offers no less than 243 different ways to win. There’s also the excitement of a feature called Dogfight Wilds which give you the chance to hit the target of a big pay-out.

Wednesday – American Dad

For most people, Wednesday’s a bit of a “hump” day. That is, one that you need to get over before the weekend starts to hover into view. So, to lift the spirits, it’s time for a little humour from the slots game based on the ever-popular cartoon series. The reels feature all the favourite characters from the show including Francine, Steve Smith, Hayley and Stan and includes a fun “Schmooblydong” feature that will mean a certain number of free spins when it appears on the first of the slots game’s 5 reels.

Thursday – Rubik’s Riches

Back in the day you might even have packed a Rubik’s Cube with you to pass the time on your way to work. Invented in the 70s and first launched in 1980, the fastest time ever recorded for solving the 3D puzzle was 4.22 seconds. Hopefully, your play on the slots game will last a little longer. It’s a little unusual for a slot in that it doesn’t have any symbols on the reels as such. Instead, you need to line up colours just as in the cubic brainteaser. The more lines of colours you manage to create, the bigger the prize will be.

Friday – Top Trumps Football Stars

As we get near the weekend, attention starts to focus on all the sporting action that’s on the way. So what better way to get into the sporting swing than by playing a slot that combines two great games, Top Trumps and football? Featuring 30 of the world’s most famous players, you first pick your top five and the closest you get to spinning all five on the winning line, the bigger the prize will be. There’s also a great “lucky dip” feature in which you can pick three Top Trump cards at random and the combined values of the players on those cards will dictate how much you’ll win.

So that’s it for your first week’s commute. Maybe you’ll return to some of the same slots for next week or, hopefully, you’ll be inspired to search for more great games for yourself. Whichever you do, good luck and happy spinning!

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