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You Can Screw With Other Player’s Campaigns In Death Loop


A new developer update from Arkane Studios has revealed a very interesting new detail about Death Loop. Up until now we’ve all thought that you only play as Colt, the soldier who is trapped on the island reliving the same day over and over again. By killing eight people, Colt can escape this nightmare. However, now we know that you can also play as Juliana, a rival assassin, in order to mess up other player’s games.

What Arkane Studios has done here is implement multiplayer in a very unique way with Death Loop. The island is a playground for players to explore. They might think that they know where everyone is moving, and all of their patterns, but if Juliana can be controlled by another player, then there’s no way to predict her.

I love the idea of stalking another player as Juliana, watching them figure out how to assassinate all of the major characters in the game, before swooping in unexpectedly to destroy them in their tracks. It will be crushing for all those playing as Colt, as I’m sure it will be for me at the time, but it’ll be an incredible feeling for those who get to start as Juliana.

This is a mechanic that I’d not really thought about for the game. Since Juliana is reliving the same day over and over as well, her actions will be completely different with each loop. Colt wouldn’t know how many times she’s faced him, so she may have some advantage form a time loop that he hasn’t lived through yet. This presents each character as a sort of unstoppable force.

What would be really interesting is if Juliana is an ever-present enemy. Sure, Colt might killer her once, but what if another version of her is lurking around somewhere? I don’t fully understand the world of the game just yet, but I’m so eager to. I think that Death Loop is going to be one of those games that grows a dedicated player base who never really stop playing it. There’s just so much potential for different playthroughs that you don’t really need another game.

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