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Dead Cells Barrels o’ Fun Update Is Coming This Summer


Dead Cells is getting a fantastic-looking new update later this year, the Barrels o’ Fun update. This adds a bunch of new content to the game, including a brand new area that you won’t have come across before, The Distillery.

This update seems to be about an entirely new section of the world that has gone unexplored until now. It’s filled with enemies that are all about carrying and throwing barrels, or are just barrels themselves. I’m really into the enemy design, particularly those that are just plugged into the wall. It all feels like the area is filled with enemies who were forced to work there, and some that were probably built specifically for a very small job within The Distillery itself.

It’s not just new enemies though, there are new weapons for you to use to fight back against these new foes. All the new weapons appear to be counterparts to the enemies you’ll encounter, though you’ll obviously be able to take them into the rest of the game too. Some of these weapons are also based around deflecting an incoming attack, which may prove useful when faced with these new enemies in different areas, if that’s something that can happen with the update.

Dead Cells is a very versatile game. New updates keep on coming, and because of the random nature of the layout of each run, every single one fits within the context of the world. I don’t think that anything would surprise me in this game, though the walking barrels that seem to spray some sort of horrible stuff all over you do seem really quite nasty.

Unfortunately we don’t have a release date for this update just yet. However, the update is due to be released this summer, so we should assume that it’ll be out before the end of September, otherwise we’re getting into the autumn. I’d expect Motion Twin to also have a plan for a winter update too, so I don’t think they’d want to release two updates too close together. Who knows, maybe the next one is going to add a new area in as well?

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