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Resident Evil 7 And More Ridiculous Stats


Last week there were a lot of ridiculous stats that came out, so I thought we’d lump them all into one to make sure that we’ve got them all covered. I’ll try to keep the silliness to a minimum, but some of these really are just off the scale mad.

First, Factorio has finally launched! This game has been in development since 2013, and that’s just when the IndieGoGo campaign was kicked off. Since then, 18,855 bug reports have been filed. Weirdly, this is just under the number of McDonald’s cashiers who have left a review on Indeed about their time with the company in that role. That’s a staggering amount of people to have filled this one rile isn’t it? Unfortunately it’s about one tenth of the reviews of these cashiers that have been left by customers.

Next up, let’s talk about Capcom. They announced that Resident Evil 7 has now sold 7.9 million units worldwide. That’s the number of people who are estimated to die from using tobacco each year. To bring it back to games though, this is the number of copies of Borderlands 3, a much more recent game, was close to reaching in February this year. The figure also now puts Resident Evil 7 up there as the second best-selling Capcom game ever. I can’t wait to see how well Resident Evil 8 does.

Finally, I’m guessing you know that Total War: Troy was free on the Epic Game Store last week right? How could I know that? Well, 1 million copies of the game were claimed within the first hour of it being free. The game has done exceptionally well, which is really no surprise considering that it was a offered for free. I’m always up for getting the games that are offered for free, but very rarely will I try them. I can guarantee that this is one I’ll try.

That concludes the latest edition of Ridiculous Stats. I hope you enjoyed some of the references here. More than anything I think it’s important that we highlight just how big games are today. For some of these numbers to exists, gaming has to be accepted as a proper medium of entertainment. There’s really no denying it.

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