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Now Is A Great Time To Get Into Beat Saber


Beat Saber is a VR game on PC and PlayStation VR. It tasks you with hitting blocks of various colours with a saber of the corresponding colour, which are generally tethered to your hands. The thing that really sets it apart form other rhythm games though, is the fact that it uses a number of tracks from real world artists to get you into the beating. It’s so much fun, and can provide an endless amount amount of entertainment if you’re willing to try out all the modes. However, there’s now one fantastic reason to get into it that you may not have been aware of before. That is the Linkin Park music pack.

Linkin Park were one of the greatest bands on the planet. Obviously they can no longer perform as they used to, but that doesn’t make the music they’ve made any less impactful. The band were incredible, and that’s why it’s so amazing that you can now experience it in an entirely new way in Beat Saber. The game brings new life to the songs by providing a game to play along with them. Not only that, it provides several variations of that game for each track, giving you hours and hours of content to play through in just this one tiny package.

There are plenty of music packs for Beat Saber out there, but this Linkin Park one really is the pack that I think should convert most people who don’t play it right now. PlayStation VR, and any VR headset in general, is a significant investment. These devices are expensive, and the controllers, for the kind of experience you can see above, also aren’t that cheap.

However, I think that Beat Saber is not only the perfect VR game, it’s the perfect VR game to start with. There’s so much on offer here, from all of the base game tracks, to the massive and growing library of songs that you can get from various sources. If you’re even considering getting into VR in 2020, this is a great game to start with. Not only is it pretty cheap itself, it’s got room for growth, so you can keep on playing it for the rest of the year and never get bored.

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