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Hyper Scape Initial Impressions


I’ve been playing a bit of Hyper Scape, Ubisoft’s new battle royale game, on the PlayStation 4. It has only just launched, so I’m not expecting anything groundbreaking. I thought that it would be worth discussing my initial thoughts on the game though, considering just how big Hyper Scape was made out to be. I feel like Ubisoft has left the game to market itself, with players sharing their experience and drawing others in. That’s just not happening, and I think I know why.


Hyper Scape is unique in a number of ways, but nothing stands out more than the game’s pace. It’s almost like you’re playing Mirror’s Edge, with parkour playing a major role in your movement. Whether you’re being chased through buildings, or chasing a target, the movement always feels satisfying. I definitely think this is where the game is strongest, because gunplay and abilities are something that nobody really seems to care about.


The other way that Hyper Scape differentiates itself is with the closure of the circle in traditional battle royale games. Instead, sectors slowly start to close, and will deal damage to players once they’re fully locked out. When you’re in one of these zones you automatically panic, and want to run as fast as possible to get out, which is where the game’s movement then comes in very handy. It was always interesting trying to keep an eye on the sectors that were closing. I found myself hiding out in open sectors, whilst also looking for enemy players who were escaping closed zones.

Needs More Work

Ultimately, Hyper Scape is pretty bland. Somehow the unique features in the game fade into the background when you start messing around with the movement, or fusing weapons to try and create something monstrous. There are a lot of systems in play, but none of them are useful enough to totally change up the traditional battle royale formula. Players just want to treat it as another version of Apex Legends, and that’s killing what sets it apart.

I’m going to be keeping an eye on Hyper Scape as things develop. I think that Ubisoft has shown that they can foster a game and community and turn it into something truly special. I do have to wonder if everything going on at the company, coupled with all the projects they already have on the go, is proving to be too much for them. Sadly, this game could fall by the wayside, unless Ubisoft does something to make it immediately more appealing.

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