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The First 15 minutes Of Control AWE Look Confusing


Remedy Entertainment has released a first look at Control AWE, the second expansion for the game. Whilst it’s awesome that we get to look at it this early on, considering it releases on August 27, it also reveals absolutely nothing about the DLC. In fact, I just have more questions about it than I did to start with.

You can watch this video all the way through and still have no idea what’s going on. That’s one of the things that I love about control, it’s just so vague and open to interpretation. The video does shine a light on where Alan Wake plays a role. He’s definitely a well-known writer in the universe, but he disappeared after the events of the game’s he starred in. No one has seen him since then, and it’s all quite unnerving. However, here he is, in the flesh, asking our own Jesse Faden to head down into a new area of The Oldest House, The Investigations Sector.

The video doesn’t explain what the Investigations Sector is all about, which I think is great. This means that we’ve got a lot to learn about when we finally get our hands on the expansion. To me, this area looks like the place where cold cases go. These cases, or investigations, have been put on hold, because no one has made any progress on them for a number of years. I’d argue that Alan Wake’s case almost certainly falls into this category, which is probably why Faden has been brought here.

Among the other items in the area, there’s a lunar lander. I think that maybe Alan Wake is trapped within an object, and is somehow communicating with Faden in the hopes of finally escaping. If he does though, what else is going to escape with him? I can see the expansion being a bittersweet story of this writer’s freedom, but ultimate sacrifice as he realises that he’s unleashed a powerful enemy.

Remedy has confirmed that they’re creating a bit shared universe with their games. This could be the start of Faden gathering her own powerful objects to then use in a battle for humanity. We’ll just have to wait and see when the DLC finally gets here.

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