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What’s The Story With Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Dark Monolith?


Microsoft Flight Simulator seems to be a pretty fantastic game. The latest entry is what fans have been waiting decades for, and now that it’s finally here they can cruise the world at whatever altitude they want. The thing is, there’s been a sinister looking dark monolith in the game for a while now, and players have been worried about what it means. However, after some research from Gizmodo, the source of the monolith in this otherwise totally realistic game has been uncovered.


This massive dark tower appears in the game’s version of Melbourne, Australia. It’s 212 stories tall, and blots out everything else in sight. It’s a ridiculous building in many ways, but mostly because nothing else looks as unrealistic as it does. The reason for its existence is pretty reasonable though. Since Microsoft Flight Simulator uses data from Bing Maps to create the world, this building’s inaccurate data has obviously been passed through.  The issue was quickly found online, as you can see below.

What happened is that nathanwright120 accidentally typed 212, when they should have typed 2, for the number of floors the building has. Now Microsoft Flight Simulator has a towering monstrosity in it, but that’s not necessarily been a bad thing. Most people who didn’t care about the game have gotten into it because of this reason alone, which means more sales for Microsoft. Gizmodo tracked this user down, and asked them about what they had created.

The user is an architectural student, and this tower, they say, was a pure mistake. He actually realised what he had done, but he was so tired of the monotonous task that he just left it. Like a true hero, he doesn’t want the building named after him. Who would want a tribute to their laziness and absolute inability to use a piece of software? Still, it’s a pretty funny story to tell at parties.

What this highlights is a glaringly obvious flaw in Microsoft Flight Simulator. If someone were able to change the heights of buildings all over the world, at least in Bing, we might start to see some very odd things literally popping up out of the ground in this game.

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