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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Continues The Batman Arkham Franchise


Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League was recently revealed, alongside a number of other amazing DC news. This game is different though, because it has been confirmed that it will continue the Batman Arkham franchise.

We also have a pretty great trailer for the game.

As you can see, the game looks to star a few fantastic members of the Suicide Squad, with Harley Quinn starring as the lead. However, it’s not all about hunting criminals from the darkest corners of the city. This game is all about colour and fighting in the light. In fact, it might be too dangerous to fight at night, since the people the Suicide Squad is after is the Justice League.

The Suicide Squad movie gave us a great overview of just what these villains are capable of when you stick a bomb in their heads. Now they’re out in Metropolis hinting down the world’s heroes, including what looks like a severely mind-controlled Superman. I have no idea how these guys are going to take down a hero such as him. However, the Arkham universe setting might lend itself into helping them, if you think about things logically.

Spoilers for the end of Arkham Knight, but Batman seems to fake his own death. He then possibly reappears right at the end of the game, still fighting criminals, still being a badass, but he’s not the star of the show anymore. He’s done this to protect those he loves, and it seems to have worked for the most part. Now though, Brainiac looks to have overtaken Metropolis, and the members of the Justice League who were in the city at the time. Maybe Batman is going to travel over from Gotham to help out, he’s not really a proper hero anymore after all. It’s also likely that he cut all ties with the Justice League too, so this would make sense within the universe’s lore. I don’t expect to see Batman helping out too much, but there’s a good chance that the Suicide Squad game will benefit from his possible appearance. This is going to feel like a very different game to play, and I think we’re all ready for this new direction.

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