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I Am Beyond Excited For Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead


A lot of fantastic games were revealed during Gamescom Opening Night Live. We also got a great look at some previously announced games as well. I wasn’t that bothered about all of those though. What caught my eye was yet another Bridge Constructor game, one themed around my favourite universe.

The trailer does a terrible job of showing it, but this is the best Bridge Constructor game that you’ll ever play. Essentially you play as the head of a group of survivors. They have to get across a bridge, that you need to build in order to escape some zombies.

I reckon that the whole of Bridge Constructor’s mechanics and gameplay will be shifted with this focus on The Walking Dead. I think that we’ll be building bridges from materials that you might find in the world. This will make them awful as actual bridges, pushing you to build bridges slightly differently to how you would with traditional materials.

In Bridge Constructor games, it’s all too easy to make a bridge that will see people across, and then fall apart. This is great if there’s a horde of zombies coming after the survivors, but not if the horde is on the other side, and the survivors need to run back across. I can see so many different scenarios that will mix up the Bridge Constructor gameplay here.

Not only will you need to take the number of survivors into account, you’ll need to cover the speed and numbers of both zombies, and enemy factions. This could drastically change how you need to build a bridge. If your survivors need to run across a bridge, and then back again because of a deadly group of humans, you could build the bridge so that it won’t support the increased numbers of that group. This might sound complicated, but it’s the natural evolution of the series that’s needed to keep it moving forward.

There are very few details about the game out right now. However, I’m expecting great things, because every entry in the Bridge Constructor franchise has been fantastic so far. When you think about it, there really are no two series that go together so well.

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