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Marvel’s Avengers Has A Destiny Style Grind


Marvel’s Avengers has been out for a very short while now, and one thing has become abundantly clear, the game has a grinding quality that is akin to Destiny 1 and 2. What I mean by this is that players need to repeat content quite a lot in order to get something out of the game. Yes, it’s possible to buy your way through some content, but if you’re not willing to constantly replay the same thing over and over again, then this game probably isn’t for you.

The grind in Destiny 1 and 2 comes from needing to repeat a small pool of missions in order to earn better loot. There are also upgrade materials to collect in order to buy more gear, or upgrade certain items. This is exactly what the grind in Marvel’s Avengers is like, but it seems to be hidden under the guise of a single player game. The game is a single player experience where you want it to be, but you can team up with friends or other random players when needed.

I love games that have this sort of grind in them. In Marvel’s Avengers it comes out as needing to head to the same areas for small, sometimes pointless missions. You also need to repeat the content quite a lot if you want to keep things fresh. To me, there’s a sense of progression that you can see happening before your very eyes that’s really appealing to me. However, I know that most people won’t enjoy this.

Since Marvel’s Avengers hasn’t fallen flat on its face at launch, the grind can’t be quite as bad as it is in other similar games. Still, it’s there, and you should go in with your eyes open. If you think that you’ll be playing a brand new mission every day, you’re going to be massively disappointed. If however, you see this as a game that you’ll pour hundreds of hours into, then that’s perfect. There’s a lot on offer for those who want to put the time into unlocking it. Just be forgiving. Games like this always falter at first before they find their feet.

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