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Minecraft PSVR Is The Update You Didn’t Know You Wanted


This month, PSVR support is coming to Minecraft. It will make it possible to play the game in full VR on your PlayStation 4. While you’ll still need to use a DualShock 4, it’s literally VR Minecraft, and the lack of Move Controllers is absolutely fine with me because of that.

minecraft psvr

Minecraft is a fantastic game without VR. You get your own little world in which to carve out any creation you can think of, or try to complete the story mode. There’s a lot to do in the game, and there’s really not much of a disconnect between what you see on the screen, and how you feel while playing.

The addition of VR is something special though. Now you can live in that little world of yours, without any distractions from the real world. It’s not the most exciting game out there, but it’s also pretty reliant on what you make of it. If you want to have an adventure in survival mode, then you can head out and do just that. There’s nothing stopping you from digging down deep and seeing what you can find. Equally, you can remain on the surface and keep things extremely calm, if that’s what you want to do.

Apparently a lot of people have been asking for VR support in Minecraft with PSVR, but I’ve never once thought about it. I think that the appeal comes from that total immersion you get when the screen goes down over your eyes. Suddenly there’s nothing else, and if you have headphones on, you could be anywhere in the world.

I’m constantly shocked by how impressive Minecraft is. Every single world you can create can be crafted of your own imagination. You can also collaborate with others on those creations, and that’s really special. Doing all of that in VR is going to be absolutely insane on consoles. Previously VR was an experience that PCs did best, but now I think that the PlayStation 4 is the best place for it. Minecraft in VR proves that, and it’s one step closer to more games offering VR support, where it makes sense.

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