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Skull & Bones Lives, But We Won’t See It For A While


At long last, Ubisoft has provided us with an update on Skull & Bones, their online pirate MMO, and it’s good news! Well, sort of. The good part is that the game is alive and well. It’s not stuck in development hell, it’s just being completely reworked. The bad news? We’re not going to see it until next year. Here’s a trailer for the game if you need to remind yourself of the original vision.

Ubisoft has revealed, in a recent blog post, that the game is still in development, but we’re not going to see anything on it any time soon. They confirmed that it won’t be at the next Ubisoft Forward, which is good, because I’d be aching for it otherwise. It seems like the news we reported on a little while ago about the game being rebooted was right. Hopefully that means it’ll be under a completely new concept, because that original one is seeming a little dated right about now.

Skull & Bones was originally going to be something along the lines of an open world MMO, but everyone’s in pirate ships. That might sound like Sea of Thieves, and it was, but no one was in first person. You also only controlled the ship, not an individual pirate. The idea was that there were quests, in-game police who would hunt you down if you killed too many other players, and an entire PVP element that was pure pirate chaos. We also caught a glimpse of a kraken, but who knows if that’s actually going to be part of the game now.

I’d like to think that Ubisoft is pulling in all of the notes they’ve got from Hyper Scape, For Honor, and all the little multiplayer elements in their past games. I can imagine them sitting down, looking at all of that information, and deciding on a completely new direction for Skull & Bones. Players are looking for so much more these days, from battle passes, to regular free and paid updates. Clearly Ubisoft wants to create the Destiny of pirate MMOs, and that’s going to take time. As long as they put all the right things into the game, I will be there for it, as will be all the other fans that have been drawn to it over the years. If they mess it up though, they’ll lose us all in an instant.

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