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Why Is Nintendo Providing So Little Stock For Super Mario 3D All-Stars?


Super Mario 3D All-Stars is going to launch for the Nintendo Switch this week. It contains Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy, but this release is for the Switch. Now ordinarily this would be very exciting, but what pushes it to the next level entirely is the fact that the physical version of this game is only available in small numbers. The digital version is going to be removed next March as well. This is odd, in fact it’s unprecedented. The only reason you’d remove a game so soon after release is because of an issue, but here Nintendo is just planning the removal. Why?

If you’ve not clued into what Nintendo is doing here, then you should get there soon. Limited stock numbers mean an immediate appeal to collectors. Mario is popular enough to carry this game through the sales charts for years anyway, but with this news that only a certain number of copies are being made, collectors are going crazy.

Unfortunately, these limited numbers are pushing some retailers to cancel pre-orders. The reason they’re cancelling them is because they don’t feel confident that Nintendo will provide anymore stock to fulfil those orders, which is further fuelling the fire of limited number news.

I think that the truth is actually quite simple though. Nintendo decided to make this game for Mario’s 35th anniversary. They planned everything years ago, and production started this year. Then the coronavirus hit. That put a stopper in production for months, and now they can’t make as much stock as they thought they could. Having been stung with this situation with Ring Fit Adventure, and knowing that others will take advantage if they simply try to push stock as and when they have it, they’re trying something different.

I think that next year we’ll see the game come back, but with more stock availability. It’ll make the physical copies much less rare, and then everyone will be able to get a copy for their Switch. It won’t stop all the physical copies selling for at least twice what they’re worth, and I suspect Nintendo Switches with the game on will sell for quite a lot as of March too. However, Nintendo is doing what they can with the situation, and hopefully it’ll work out for them. If not, some people can look forward to buying a Switch with the game installed for £600 in April 2021.

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