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Fall Guys Has A Strange Story About Cheating


Over on Twitter, the official Fall Guys account has shared a very interesting story about the way that cheaters have been dealt with. It’s a colossal thread, but there’s a very interesting story within it. Buckle up, because we’re going to get into it here.


So the first thing to know is that Mediatonic, the developers, created a thing called Cheater Island. This is a place that they intended to eventually send cheaters to, once players had been tagged as such. After the game launched, they set up their cheater detection system, and it detected no one. However, once they gradually began lowering the cheating thresholds, they picked up a few players. Those players were sent to Cheater Island, where they would compete against other cheaters. The problem was, there weren’t enough cheaters all online at once to make a full game, so they just fell forever in the game’s loading screen.

At this point, cheaters realised that something had happened. They found that if they teamed up with friends who weren’t tagged, then they could still get into a game. There was also a way to get around the cheater system by using Shareplay on PlayStation 4. Just last week though, Cheater Island suddenly had enough players for a full match. However, now players are uploading videos in which everyone is cheating, but Mediatonic isn’t sure that they’re actually playing in Cheater Island. It might just be a fluke.


There are even videos of players who have been in a match with cheaters, but they’re not cheating.


As a result, Cheater Island has to go. The system was great, but now it seems to be causing some weird issues, and that’s not fun for anyone. Mediatonic has confirmed that they’re implementing Epic’s anti-cheat system, which is going to be a huge step forward for them. Hopefully this will make life easier for all players in Fall Guys. Banning players is never fun, but putting them all in one place can be detrimental to a game as well. Hopefully this new system is a point between the two that will still give cheaters a warning, but not compromise the experience for everyone.

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