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What Is This Ragnarok The New God Of War Will Feature?


I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never played the PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War. I’ve even got the God of War Limited Edition PlayStation 4, though ti was a replacement for my broken one. Yet somehow I’ve never touched the game. I’ve played all the other entries, but I just haven’t sat down and made myself got through this one. Now though, that’s going to change, because of the following video.

This teaser changes everything for me. It’s from the PlayStation 5 showcase event, right at the end. It was the bombshell that Sony ended with, and it almost makes up for the fact that they didn’t reveal The Last Of Us Part 2’s multiplayer component. I think what I love most about it is the fact that it names Ragnarok as an event that the game is leading up to, or will focus on. But that got me thinking, what exactly is Ragnarok?

Well, having done some research, I can tell you that Ragnarok is entirely appropriate as an event that Kratos should be involved in. However, it also sounds bloody awful. It’s actually a series of events in Norse mythology. Among those events is a great battle, one that will completely change the face of the Earth. The deaths that will result from this battle will include untold numbers of people, as well as the actual gods Thor, Tyr, Odin, Heimdallr, Loki, and Freyr. As well as all of that death, there will be a colossal number of natural disasters, all of which culminate in the world flooding. Nothing will escape the water, it will cover all.

On the bright side, after the flood, the world will emerge as a fertile land after this war. I presume that all the dead bodies have been melted down into the soil and that’s why it’s so damn fertile. Apparently there will only be two human survivors to Ragnarok, and they’ll repopulate the world. The thing is, if that’s Kratos and his son, that’s not going to happen.

I can see Sony Santa Monica Studios having some real fun with this event. The God fo War series has always taken mythology and given it a whole new twist, which is why it has so many fans. I can’t wait to see what comes of Ragnarok.

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