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Among Us Has Some Ridiculous Stats


If you haven’t heard of or played Among Us, where have you been living? The game pits a group of players against each other, with two being Imposters who are working against the rest. The overall goal is to repair the ship and kick the Imposters out of the airlock through discussing who they might be, and voting them out. A number of YouTubers and streamers picked the game up recently, and that has resulted in some ridiculous stats for what is already a ridiculous game.

The latest peak concurrent playercount that the game saw was 388,000 players. This is a new record for Among Us, and it’s also the first time that it managed to beat the concurrent playercount for PUBG. Just let that sink in for a second. This tiny indie game made by three people was more popular than the original battle royale game, which is still incredibly popular today.

What makes this even more impressive is that it doesn’t even count he mobile players. The game is free-to-play on mobile, so there were almost certainly a lot more people calling each other ‘sus’ on smartphones and tablets at the same time.

Among Us has hooked players because it’s a game where social interaction is necessary. You can’t avoid chatting in the in-game chat system, unless you’re an Imposter and want to avoid being detected. The game is about working together to find the Imposter, or working against everyone to make them kick each other out. It’s such an interesting game, yet on the surface it’s also one of the simplest you’d ever come across.

I have no idea if the people behind Among Us ever expected it to reach the level that it has. Whether they thought that so many people would be playing their game at once. It happens every now and then, such as with Fall Guys and Rocket League, and when it does it’s always nice to see. No big budget publisher has had their hand in this game, it’s just the creative minds behind it, and the passion that drove them to actually finish and launch the game.

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