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Yep, There’s more The Binding Of Isaac On The Way

the binding of isaac repentance

At this point, I think everyone has played The Binding of Isaac at least once. It’s a roguelike that puts you in the shoes of Isaac, a young boy who has escaped his mother into the basement. Here he must fight enemies with his tears until he finally manages to escape. The game has seen many updates and expansions over the years, and now it’s about to get another, The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.

As with every update, this one will add even more items that synergise with the hundreds of others already in the game. There could even be a slew of new levels, and of course, new characters to master. Every single update this game has received has pushed the community to discover more of the secrets hidden within, but they’re still discovering new ones each day. That’s the beauty of this game, it keeps surprising you, even on you 1000th playthrough, because you could find that new combination of items that makes you life that much easier, or more difficult.

This next update is about 90 percent complete, and will be gettign regular news from mid-October until it launches. I don’t want to put any words int he developer’s mouth, but I think we’ll see a Christmas 2020 release at least. The updates have always been something that has kept me gaming through the holiday season, and I think it’ll see even more uptake from new players if they do get it out in time for the end of the year.

Every time one of these expansions launches, they’re toted as the final one. There have been three final updates for The Binding of Isaac at this point, and they’re still coming. I think this is fantastic, because it’s a great example of a Flash game being so popular that it’s led to the start of a number of people’s careers. With this next final update, I think that we’ll see even more action in The Binding of Isaac scene. New YouTubers will pick it up, streamers too, and there will be even more content appearing online as everyone attempts to figure out the best synergies in the game. Keep an eye on this one.

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