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Cross-play Is One Step Closer To Apex Legends On Switch


I doubt that any Apex Legends fans have missed the fact that this week has seen a big new event drop in the game. The Aftermarket Collection event is probably one of the best I’ve seen in the game, adding some fantastic time-limited cosmetics for players to collect. The real news around the event has nothing to do with those collectibles though. For me, it’s all about the cross-play, and what it means for the game’s future.

Now it’s important to know that this is actually a cross-play beta. It means that Respawn Entertainment is exploring the possibility of cross-play between all platforms that Apex Legends is available on. To me that says that they’re also now looking at Apex Legends on the Switch. Nintendo’s hybrid console is the last platform, unless you count next-gen ones, that the game still isn’t available on. What better time to test it out than now? Especially if they’re prepping for a Season 7 launch for the console.

Hear me out. The testers at Respawn Entertainment can be sat in their home offices, because of COVID-19, playing the game on Switch with everyone else. Nobody playing the game will be aware of this, and that’s the beauty of the cross-play being in beta. It’s a test for so much more than just people playing across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s a clear timeframe for the Switch version to be tested by developers. From then they can tweak it, maybe do another beta of cross-play to test those tweaks, and finally announce that the game is coming to Switch.

It was revealed a while ago that the game would be coming to Switch. I thought that with Season 6 we would see a Switch version announced, but now I’m thinking that it’ll come with Season 7. There’s no better time to launch the game for a new platform than at the start of a new Season. It allows the new players to get in on all of that new content from day one, and gets them to feel involved. I can’t wait to see what this cross-play beta brings, and I’m definitely going to be taking part in the new event. Here’s hoping this paves the way for even more versions of the game to come.

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