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Fall Guys Season 2 Starts Tomorrow


After a hugely successful launch, and season 1, Mediatonic has now announced that Fall Guys season 2 will kick off tomorrow. They confirmed this late last week, and they’ve added some awesome new features that will make the game even more enjoyable.

As you can see, there are a few different layers to what’s coming tomorrow. First and foremost, the rate at which you earn fame points is being doubled. Wow! How good is that right? It means that you need to put in half the effort in order to access some of those premium cosmetics. Of course, it also probably means that you’ll be putting in twice the effort in order to get all of the seasonal cosmetics before they disappear.

The next big thing that I think we need to discuss is the Halloween theme. It tells us that many of the cosmetics for Fall Guys season 2 are going to have a spooky look to them. Whether that’s a witch costume, or some sort of ridiculous dragon, all of the costumes are going to be themed around Halloween in some way. This also tells us that the season will probably end in early November, at which point season 3 is going to kick off.

Fall Guys is a brilliant little game. You can drop in for fifteen minutes and play three or four games, or spend hours getting lost in dozens of them. There’s no real way to describe it other than fun. It’s a party game that you can enjoy with randoms online, as well as with friends. I think it’s one of the most genius games we’ve seen in 2020, and there isn’t long left of the year.

My hopes for season 2 are that even more people come along to join the game. It’s so much fun as it is already, but I wan to see it turn into a roaring success. That will mean it goes on for longer, more people play it, and it sticks around for many years to come. I’ve seen too many games that have been just as good fall apart because of a lack of players. Let’s keep this Fall Guys train going into 2021.

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