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Retro Games That Are Being Given New Life

Retro Games

The idea of retro gaming is nothing new and in recent years we have seen a surge in the number of retro games available, across several formats.

Board games are one of the retro style gaming genres to enjoy a strong position and people around the world are continuing to develop new board games. However, many vintage board games are being used in new and innovative ways. The snakes and ladders slot game is a good example and slots.info has written a great review of this online casino game.

Snakes and ladders is actually an ancient Indian board game called Moksha Patam and has since developed into one of the most popular board games in the world. However, as more people have turned to video games and the latest board games, classics such as snakes and ladders has been left behind. Thankfully, casino game developer Realistic Games have provided us with a great example of retro games being given a new life.

Snakes and ladders is a three-reel, three row layout slot with up to five paylines. Much like the board game on which it is based, the snakes and ladders slot game is simple to play and to win you must line up three of the symbols in a row across one of the five paylines. Even the symbols on the reels have a retro feel to them thanks to the inclusion of bells, cherries, grapes, and oranges. The Jackpot Repeat Chance is a nice addition to the game and is triggered by lining up three of game logo symbols in a row. If you manage to land three dice symbols in a row, you are taken to the snakes and ladders board.

When playing on the snakes and ladders board, the aim is to roll the dice and land on the double your money bonus prize. This brings an exciting additional element to the snakes and ladders slot game and certainly enriches the theme of the game.

For fans of the traditional slot machines you used to find in pubs and bars, Microgaming have developed a fantastic retro slot game called Retro Reels. This game features 5 reels with 20 paylines and many of the retro symbols are used on the reels including cherries, lemons, plums, 7’s and bars. The layout of the slot game includes the machine itself, with 3D buttons and the traditional symbols have been blended with some modern slot gaming twists. You will find a free spins bonus game plus a re-spin feature that bring the game up to modern online casino standards.

For those who would like to take their slots gaming to new levels, you can try the more recent addition of this game entitled Retro Reels Extreme Heat.

The Roaring Twenties is a great example of a retro slots game that combines everything, including symbols and layout design. If you enjoy the style of the 1920’s, especially the movies, this retro slot game brings it to life in fantastic detail. These symbols include a police officer, a detective, and a retro car, each of which looks like shots taken from a 1920’s film.

To obtain a retro feel to your online gaming does not necessarily mean having to revert to playing classically styled slots. It is possible to enjoy playing a modern design of slots game but with a retro theme. You will find plenty of slots games based on themes including the wild west, Egypt, classic televisions shows and movies plus movie stars and music. Back to the 70’s and Disco Fever are examples of two slots games based on the retro music scene. For those who would like to get back to the years when disco music filled the dance halls, the Back to the 70’s is the perfect game thanks to the funky graphics and disco soundtrack.

In terms of retro video games, we are currently seeing a strong reintroduction of many older consoles. The PlayStation Classic, Super Nintendo, Atari Flashback, and Sega Mega Drive have all been reintroduced in recent years. When playing on these consoles you will find many retro games have been reproduced for the bigger screen including classics such as Tekken, Grand Theft Auto, Abe’s Oddysee, Resident Evil, Mario World, Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, Frogger, Asteroids, Sonic the Hedgehog and many more.

Each of these games has been given new life thanks to the re-release of the consoles for which they were originally designed. Even retro arcades are making a comeback, with Pac-Man and Space Invaders among those available.

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