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Don’t Miss Out On Ghost Of Tsushima Update 1.1


This week, on October 16, you’ll be bale to get your hands on Ghost of Tsushima Update 1.1. This is an entirely free update that brings one heck of a lot of content with it. You may be aware of the new multiplayer mode that it brings, but you almost certainly won’t know about the rest of the stuff it adds. Take a look at the trailer below and read on for more.

Custom Gear Loadouts

Right now in Ghost of Tsushima you need to go through each gear option and change what you’re wearing if you want to create a certain build type. With Update 1.1, you can create and save gear loadouts, allowing you to easily swap between them by simply locating that build in your custom list. This is going to streamline the process of quickly equipping loads of gear for specific encounters so much easier, and make the game far more enjoyable as a result.

New Game +

you should know what New Game + entails by now. It’s a game mode you can play that allows you to start with all of your previously unlocked gear and abilities already available. However, this mode usually also packs in a lot more difficulty, some of the hardest in the game. This is a game mode for those who have completed everything in the game, and want to take it all on again on a whole new level.

New Horse

Ghost of Tushima is packed with hordes, but the one you pick at the start is yours for the entire game. I believe that this new horse is yet another option for the start of the game. It could also be restricted to New Game +, which would make sense with a difficulty increase.

Mysterious New Merchant, New Dyes

This guy looks incredible. There’s now a mysterious new merchant who will appear in the game. It’s not clear if he’ll wander around, but it looks like you can come across him at various points. I believe that his purpose will be to sell unique dyes. I’m also going to go out on a limb and say that you can only acquire these by earning certain items through new, incredibly difficult tasks in the game.

Powerful New Charms, New Trophies

I love both of these. I am an avid trophy collector, so the chance to get even more is one I always welcome. The new Charms will also be a welcome change, because they’ll further allow all players to mix up their builds for Jin. One even gives you a flaming sword!

Ghost of Tsushima Legends

This is the multiplayer mode that’s coming with Ghost of Tsushima Update 1.1. It packs in a four player co-op mode that’s more of a horde mode, as well as a two player co-op campaign. There will be a raid, an incredibly difficult mission, that up to four players can take on. This last item will come out a little while after the update does though. This mode has four unique classes of character to master, adding a whole new layer of complexity to Ghost of Tsushima that you didn’t know you needed.

That’s everything that we know of from the update. Be sure to download it this week as soon as it’s available, you don’t want to miss out on this.

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