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Green Hell Is Out Now On Nintendo Switch


You might have missed it with all of the massive games hitting consoles out there, but very recently Green Hell dropped on the Nintendo Switch. This is a stark new survival game for the platform, though it has been available on the PC for some time now. While the Switch version is limited both in terms of a lack of multiplayer and the framerate, it is, by all accounts, a very good survival title. The game has everything you’d expect to see, plus a bunch of extras that make it one of the most punishing experiences around, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Now you might be thinking that there are already enough survival games out there, we don’t need one more. You’re completely correct, but since Green Hell came out for PC first, I don’t count it as new. The Switch port is just a superior survival game finally making its way over to the platform. Something I’ve been eager to see for some time. Green Hell has all the elements of the most comprehensive survival games like Rust and The Forest, combined with a fantastic story. It’s also got a brutal selection of difficulty modes, which is what I’m most eager to explore in it.

Green Hell sees players dumped into the jungle with nothing, apart from a two-way radio. On the other end of the radio is someone in trouble, and players need to survive and push through the jungle in order to find them. This is far from easy though, since Green Hell is very complicated. Building a simple structure takes a lot of work, and if you’re injured along the way, you better heal up fast because you might die from the resulting infection.

Even making a fire requires you to do things like forage for bird nests, something that I’ve never done in my life. To top it all off, there are five difficulty modes. One of these, Green Hell, is super hard. In this mode the jungle wants to kill you, and it’s not shy about it. When you die, all progress is lost as well, so you need to start from scratch. I never thought I’d be into the idea of a brutal survival game, but if it’s for the Switch, I am so there.

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