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What Army Of Misfits Will You Create In Watch Dogs: Legion?


Watch Dogs: Legion is coming out very soon. As such, I’m planning what sort of army I want to build when I finally get my hands on the game. You could be doing this too, if you know what sort of soldiers you want to recruit for DedSec. Since the game allows you to recruit pretty much everyone in the game, it stands to reason that you could build an army from a specific group of people, or just make it entirely from certain sorts of misfits in the world.

As you can see, you can recruit grannies, pub loving drunks, and even disgruntled Albion soldiers. The world of London is your oyster, you just have to get out there and help the people you want on your side.

I’ve got a couple of ideas for my army. The first is to build it solely from Albion soldiers. I think that there must be enough soldiers who are pissed off with the boss that you could make up your numbers purely from their ranks. The way I see it, the more of them that join me, the less of them there are to fight. As soldiers they’d be good in a fight, and I assume there are some drone operators and hackers within their ranks, what’s not to like?

The second plan for an army is to build it solely using construction workers. These guys have access to all the heavy machinery, and they know how to hit someone. I can’t imagine a better army for literally bulldozing a regime. The only thing is that they might get a bit scared when the bullets start to fly. They’re also notoriously noisy, so sneaking is out of the question.

Finally, how about an army comprised of all the ageing citizens of London? We can recruit one granny, but what about all of them? I think it would be great fun to only recruit old people in this game. No one is going to expect a granny to be packing heavy weaponry or hacking knowledge, yet that’s exactly what I’m going to pull together when I’m in the game.

I believe that there are enough varied citizens out there to make up an army with skills that compliment each other. That is of course another direction you could go in. However, it’s too safe for my liking. It’s the option that everyone will go with, and there’s just no theme or fun in it.

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