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How Much Do You Love Spider-Cat?


If you’ve managed to miss who and what Spider-Cat is, then I don’t know what kind of Spider-Man fan you are. In the upcoming expansion to Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man, Miles Morales, we now know that there is going to be an incredibly cute addition to the game in the form of Spider-Cat. This is an actual cat that will even help out in combat. It’s all a bit crazy, so watch the gameplay footage of the cat below first, and then read on to see why you should be excited.

As you can see, you won’t be getting Spider-Cat until you’ve unlocked it through gameplay. It seems like the cat, named Spider-Man, is part of a side mission that sees thugs steal the cat and take it to a power station. Thankfully everything comes to a satisfying conclusion, with Spider-Man beating the crap out of the criminals and rescuing Spider-Man…the cat. From there though, Spider-Cat becomes part of Spider-Man’s backpack.

This would seem to be a purely cosmetic feature, but the last moments of the gameplay video show Spider-Cat leaping out to help with combat. I wonder if this is just a visual thing though, and the fact that Spider-Cat is there has no actual impact on gameplay. It would be nice if you got a bonus to damage, no matter how tiny, but it would also be pretty silly. I think the best thing would be to have an achievement linked to taking enemies down whilst Spider-Cat is equipped. This would encourage players to use it and make for some very stupid videos all over the internet.

I think that Spider-Cat embodies the overall feel of this expansion. Yes, the developers want to create something meaningful for the universe and a story we’re eager to pursue. But they also want to have fun. Spider-Cat is just one part of that element of fun they want to bring to the game. I think we should expect to see a lot more stuff like this. Elements that fit within the game’s world, but that are also just funny on their own outside of any context.

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