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Why Does Control Ultimate Edition Require A One-Time Connection?


There’s a bit of a situation occurring with Control Ultimate Edition. Already this year, there have been quite a few issues with this game, and things don’t seem to be getting much better. Initially, the publisher, 505 Games, told everyone that there was simply no way that they could make Control upgrade to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S. No way at all. Instead, they said that people would need to buy Control Ultimate Edition to get a free upgrade to a next-gen console. When it came to it though, PlayStation 4 players were upgraded to the Ultimate Edition, revealing that it was, in fact, possible to upgrade users between versions, and therefore probably generations too.

Now, we’ve heard from Eurogamer that a one-time connection to the internet is required to actually play Control Ultimate Edition. What’s all this about then?

Okay, so let’s give the developers and publisher some slack where it’s due. The PlayStation 4 version doesn’t require a connection to the internet. It will run completely fine offline. This links in with why you need a connection for the Xbox One version of the game. The PlayStation 4 uses Blu-ray discs, which can fit a lot more data on them than standard discs, which the Xbox One uses.

So anyone playing Control Ultimate Edition on Xbox One can play up until the first elevator ride, then they’ll need to connect to the internet to download the extra 50GB of the game that’s required to play the game. I think this is a bit slimy though because it shows that there’s quite a lot of the game that’s not on the disc. If players need to download most of the game to actually play it, why can’t they upgrade their base game of Control? It seems absolutely insane that you still need to buy a new version of the game to get a free upgrade to an Xbox Series X and S or PlayStation 5.

I don’t quite understand why 505 Games has done what they’ve done, but it’s the reality now. If you’d like some advice, play the game on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It sounds easier, even though it’s still extremely complicated.

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