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Mortal Shell’s Rotten Autumn Is Disgustingly Lovely


The spooky season is upon us, which means almost every single game is getting a Halloween update. Those that have a dedicated player base, at least. One of those games is Mortal Shell. This is the soulslike that puts players into the shoes of some disgusting creature that can steal dead bodies. You steal those bodies, known as Shells, to fight against enemies in the world. When you die, you drop that Shell, and you need to pick it up again before dying, or you’ll lose a certain amount of progress. It sticks pretty close to the soulslike line, but where it’s differing right now is with the community update.

Rotten Autumn

Rotten Autumn is a fairly hefty update for a game that doesn’t necessarily rely on loot. It’s also great as a free update, and I recommend that any lapsed players jump on it. What you’ll get is a new photo mode and a brand new boss soundtrack from a band called Rotting Christ. This alone is worthy of an update on its own in most games, so I’m glad they’re bundling it in with some other stuff. It really makes it look like the developers care about their player base.

On top of that new content, you’ll be gaining access to 10 new skins as well. These seem like they’re a little hard to find, but I think that’s all part of the fun this season. From the looks of things, you’ll need to find certain parts of each environment that will trigger a change in a standard Shell. This change will transform it into a brand new Halloween Shell, one that you can take and show off to every boss in the game. That is until they smash you into oblivion.

Seeing a Halloween update in a soulslike is brilliant. It makes me think that even the mainline Souls series could be given regular little updates like this, though that would require From Software to turn their eye back to them. I’d settle for a Bloodborne 2, but I think we all know that’s not coming anytime soon. If at all.

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