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Get Your Control Ultimate Edition PlayStation 5 Upgrade Right


After all of the faff and lies that have been going on between 505 Games, Control, and Control Ultimate Edition, we now have a bit of positive news around the game. It turns out that while you need to purchase Control Ultimate Edition if you want a version of the game that will upgrade from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, you don’t necessarily need to lose the progress from the base game of Control. Recently someone on Reddit reached out to 505 Games about this, and they got a pretty concise answer.

Okay, so what you can’t do is take the progress you’ve earned in Control, including all saves, and take it directly to Control Ultimate Edition on PlayStation 5. If you purchase Control Ultimate Edition on PlayStation 5, your progress in the base game of Control on PlayStation 4 will be stuck in the base game.

However, if you own Control on PlayStation 4, you can upgrade to Control Ultimate Edition. This might seem convoluted but bear with me. When you upgrade, all of your progress, including saves, will go with you to that new version of the game. As you know, for various reasons, legitimate or not, Control Ultimate Edition is the only version of the game that you can get a free upgrade on for next-gen consoles. This includes PlayStation 5.

Do you see where I’m going with this yet? If you own Control on PlayStation 4 and want to play Control Ultimate Edition with all of your previously saved progress on PlayStation 5, then you need to do the following. Buy the upgrade from Control to the Ultimate Edition on PlayStation 4. Your progress will carry over. Now, when your PlayStation 5 arrives, you’ll get your free upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version. Thanks to the fact that you own the Ultimate Edition, your saved progress will now also pass over to that PlayStation 5 version. You will need to have loaded up Control Ultimate Edition on PlayStation 4 and connected to the internet, at least once, though.

You’re right. This is an insane concept. To keep your saved progress in a single game, you need to upgrade it twice across two generations of console. Why 505 Games couldn’t just let us take our progress from PlayStation 4 to all versions of Control is beyond me.

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