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Watch Dogs: Legion Aiden Pearce | Bloodline’s Protagonist


Watch Dogs: Legion will soon see the reprisal of Aiden Pearce, the protagonist of the original game. This is all part of Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline, one of the game’s expansions that form the season pass. Aiden Pearce’s story will be continued here, but Wrench, from Watch Dogs 2, will also be making an appearance. It might seem confusing that Ubisoft would look back to these two characters instead of introducing new ones and expanding the story of Legion. However, fans love the gruff-voiced and moody Aiden, and Wrench is just a fun colourful character. Having thee guys back will be brilliant, but we don’t know anything about that entails just yet. Here are some thoughts I’ve had.

The original Watch Dogs told the tale of Aiden Pearce fighting back against the system. He’s an extremely adept hacker who can get almost anything done, providing his friends are around to help him. He has solid morals but is driven by loss. The story of the first game was more of a redemption story, seeing Pearce do something to fight back against the system that had taken so much from him. This is the story that’s set to continue in Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline, but exactly how is that going to happen?

The first Watch Dogs was filled with some pretty dark stuff. Watch Dogs 2 lightened things up a bit, but the first entry was very much a darker tone. I think that Bloodline will look into the darker concepts and ideas of the world of Watch Dogs: Legion. I believe we’ll be seeing some incredibly awful acts, which are only made possible through the advanced technology available in the world of the game.

Pearce is all about fighting the system, and Watch Dogs: Legion certainly has a system to mess with. I think he’ll be working to push Albion, the private military company currently ruling over London, right back and out of the city. It may even be a DLC that completely transforms the game world. I think that Ubisoft will use Pearce as a method of exploring new stories within Legion’s stories, so we should expect some other returning characters as well.

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