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Why Does Stormzy Love Watch Dogs: Legion So Much?


Watch Dogs: Legion is out now. You may have purchased it, or you might be holding off to see what your favourite reviews think of it. I think I’ve got something here that might persuade you if you’re on the fence though. It’s a short video from IGN that shows Stormzy exploring the world of Watch Dogs: Legion’s London. In it, he is so enthusiastic about the project, Ubisoft, and everything that is Watch Dogs: Legion. I want to talk about why this incredibly famous rapper loves the game so much. Because that is the essence of why everyone should pick it up and play it.

Stormzy is London born and bred. He loves the UK, and he loves London the most. He grew up there, and he’s spent his entire life learning how all the streets intertwine and meet up with not only the landmarks everyone knows but the smaller landmarks that are important to locals. This is what Stormzy seems to think is so good about Watch Dogs: Legion, because it captures that perfectly. You hear him talk about heading to an underground station, and then taking a turning he knows very well. He then says that he was blown away by just how accurate the streets were, and how he tells people to play the game if they want to understand what London is like.

Sure, Watch Dogs: Legion has an oppressive regime in place in London. Whilst we don’t have the exact same one, it can feel a bit oppressive at times, particularly with the way the world is right now. None of that really matters though, because the city itself has been carefully rebuilt for the game. What Stormzy says is refreshing, and I agree, is that this is a UK city that many people will know like the back of their hand. Most games use bigger cities such as New York or San Fransisco as their settings, but this is a focus on an English city that I’ve never really seen before in games.

Stormzy made me excited to jump into the game, and I’m having a blast playing it. If you’re at all still on the fence, just dive right in.

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