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It’s A Good Thing That Far Cry 6 And Rainbow Six Quarantine Have Been Delayed


Recently Ubisoft made it very clear that they have delayed Far Cry 6 and Rainbow Six Quarantine. Both of these games were originally pitched as launching in 2020. Rainbow Six Quarantine in particular was going to launch in April 2020 alongside Watch Dogs: Legion. Thankfully, both games have been pushed back into the first half of the next fiscal year. While you might think this means that they’ll drop early 2021, it doesn’t. What it actually means is that the games will launch between April and September 2021, which is the first half of the next financial year. Yes, that’s a long time away, but I personally believe it’s a good thing.

Less Crunch

Ubisoft cited the reason that the games have been delayed as the pandemic. With so many employees being forced to work from home, it’s simply not possible to produce games at the pace they’re usually able to. I think this has to be true, because there are so many things that are faster in an office. Internet is one thing, allowing developers to coordinate on projects faster, but also just the machines they’re working on in general. I think it must be so hard to move all of your work hardware into your home, and then have to figure out a way to work just as efficiently on it.

The best thing that this delay means by far is less crunch on the developers though. We’ve seen how much a crunch can hurt a developer in the past with Grand Theft Auto 5, and to a degree Cyberpunk 2077. Most people just want the people making their games to be happy, and they are for the most part. When you get into crunch territory though, you’ve got people working unreasonable hours in order to get a product finished for a business deadline. This isn’t why anyone gets into games.

Rainbow Six Quarantine is much more of a passion project than Far Cry 6. It began as a one-off even game mode, and not it’s going to be a fully fleshed out game. I can’t wait to see it, but I can definitely be patient enough to allow the developers time until they feel that it’s ready for me to play.

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