Would You Play A Sequel To Heavy Rain?


Heavy Rain is one of those games that everyone seems to have played. It’s all a bit bonkers, and no one’s quite sure what’s going on, mainly because of the content that was leftover, but most people have a good time. Now that Quantic Dream’s David Cage has said he’s not outright opposed to sequels, I’m wondering if anyone would actually play them. When it comes to Heavy Rain, there’s not actually much you could do, because I don’t think there’s an ending where everyone lives well. No matter which ending is picked as cannon, someone has an awful time, or dies, or both to be honest.

I think I can firmly say I don’t want a sequel to Heavy Rain. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want another game in the same universe or world. I think that Heavy Rain had such a thick atmosphere, and I personally loved every second of it. Sure, some of it was ridiculous, but there are moments like that in all Quantic Dream games. The thing that I want is what was planned as DLC for the game.

Madison, a journalist that we get to play as from time to time in Heavy Rain, had a side story. It was set before the events of the main game, and saw her looking into who the Origami Killer might be. There were meant to be a few of these pocket-sized DLCS, but only one actually made it out the door. It saw Madison encounter a strange man who kidnapped women, stuffed them, and had them standing around the house as mannequins.

All of these DLCs were meant to be just as gruesome and strange, but sadly we just didn’t get them. I think I only managed to play that one because it was part of a special edition of the game. What I would play, is a game that follows that sort of formula. Maybe it’s years later, and Madison is back on the case looking for killers, and it explores a brand new story through her eyes. That’s a game I would play, and I guess that it’s sort of a sequel to Heavy Rain. So in the end, my answer is a full on yes, I’d play a sequel to Heavy Rain.

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