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Darts Is Just As Crushing In Watch Dogs Legion As It Is In Real Life


There’s a lot to love in Watch Dogs Legion. It’s an amazing recreation of London is second to none. It’s got everything you could expect to need as a budding member of DedSec. There are plenty of places to tag with DedSec artwork, loads of Albion headquarters to invade and steal from, and a metric tonne of drones to hijack and play around with. Something that I’ve only recently been enjoying in the game is darts. I used to play darts daily, not because I frequented the pub that often but because I had a dartboard at work. I was dreadful and got only slightly better with two years of daily practice.

I am pleased to confirm that darts is just as difficult in Watch Dogs Legion as it is in real life. I think this is a real testament to the skills of the developers. I wasn’t sure, going into my first darts game, how Ubisoft would have accurately built it. In Grand Theft Auto 4, darts is a very easy game that has no skill to it at all. In Watch Dogs Legion though, you’ve got to work for your wins.

To start with, the game helps you out in telling you what numbers and sections to aim for. This makes it easier to move the target, which seems to shift by itself and grows and shrinks with your accuracy. Unless the dot is small, your accuracy will be way off. This is the best way to translate darts from real life into games that I have ever come across. It does a great job of showing that all players have a vague idea of what they’re aiming for, but also representing the massive margin for error that comes with all dart throws.

This is just one minigame in Watch Dogs Legion. It’s a brilliant representation of how well the game is made though. I’ve been running around London taking the city back for DedSec and recruiting people all over the place. It wasn’t until I stopped though, that I realised how good these smaller elements of the game are. It’s a great sign of things to come for Ubisoft as far as I’m concerned. If you haven’t already, get out there and have a game.

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