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Cyberpunk 2077 Pushed The PS4 Too Far


You may well have caught the news last week that CD Projekt Red is having to launch Cyberpunk 2077 over two discs on PS4. This is because the game is not only a colossal 70GB in size, but it’s also just too much for the poor console to run. This is something that I don’t think we’ve seen for an entire console generation. I believe that even the final games coming to the PlayStation 3 were able to fit on a single disc, though I think that speaks to the limitation of that technology. Still, it’s hard to believe that one company just about made it to the same level of Final Fantasy 7 on the original PlayStation.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a massive game. We know this. We’ve seen how complex the intricate systems are, and just how much the world and story can change based on a simple decision you barely think about. To top it off, the game is a visual powerhouse. It looks absolutely insane, which is a testament to how hard the developers at CD Projekt Red have been working on it. It’s going to be a beacon for the previous generation of consoles, and a benchmark that shows just what the peak of gaming on that hardware looked like.

Still, I can’t help but think that 70GB is still a lot for a PS4 to handle. If you’ve only got 500GB available, and you need at least 70GB free for updates, that’s half the storage of your console. It seems crazy that a game could be so big that it might be one of only two on the hardware running it, but then again this is the age we live in. Games are so large now that they become all-consuming entertainment that we don’t divert from for months at a time.

I think that it’s fitting that the PS4 only got too small to handle games when the next-generation of consoles came along to save it. The console has been a powerhouse for years and is the clear winner of the last generation. Things might have been different if Microsoft had marketed their offerings better, but as things now stand, I’m proud to have been part of the PS4 journey, and can’t wait to see what the PS5 is capable of in seven years.

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