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Cross-Progression Feels Fantastic And Essential For The Future


With the launch of the Xbox Series X and S and the PlayStation 5 in the UK, I’ve been doing a lot of gaming across each system. Some of this time has actually been spent trying out the various forms of cross-progression that now exist on these systems. The one that I’ve been enjoying the most is with Destiny 2. Bungie implemented cross-save functionality in their sci-fi MMO a long time ago. I’ve tried it a lot between PS4 and Stadia, where it’s worked magnificently. Now though, it’s showing me that cross-progression isn’t only great for games, it’s essential as we move into the next-generation.

I linked up my Xbox Series X with Destiny 2 and loaded the game up, thanks to it being on Game Pass, over the last week. The difference in visuals is astounding, and because similar controller layouts are used, there’s no learning curve. The thing that shocked me was how important it was to have that cross-progression though. Being able to play the game on Stadia, PS4, and Xbox Series X, meant that I didn’t need to unplug anything just to play the game. Whatever my setup was at the time was enough.

Right now we’re on the edge of a new age in gaming. Cross-progression is coming in, slowly but surely, but we need more games that support it. While I understand how difficult cross-play must be to get working, cross-progression is simply making your save files compatible across each system. Surely between Sony and Microsoft, this can happen. There are so few exclusives that it makes sense for players to be able to use a game on both console families.

Over time, I’m sure that Microsoft will eventually get all games and subscription services wrapped up into Game Pass. It seems like the logical path forward. If this happens, people will still want to play games on their PS5, which they have for the exclusives. Making it easy for all of these gamers to play something across both of their devices will make it easier to enjoy the games. It will also end the console wars, making the gaming world an even better place to enter into.

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