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Stay Away From Cyberpunk 2077 Spoilers Before You Play It


You may have heard this week that copies of Cyberpunk 2077 are already out in the wild. One user who managed to get their hands on a physical copy posted images from the game, and then proceeded to upload a video of it to YouTube. This was obviously an attempt to garner some fans on social media, but also probably a few quid from ads on the video. Of course, the video has now been taken down, and I imagine that if the source has been identified, their career in games retail may be done. I’m not saying it’s definitely a retailer, but the image showed multiple boxes of the game, so I can only assume that it was. With this in mind, I’m writing to tell you to avoid any further potential spoilers for the game, and why.

cyberpunk 2077 box

The reason these boxed copies are out there is probably that CD Projekt Red announced their delay of the game until December 10 too late. Now copies have been shipped to retailers, which isn’t a huge problem in itself. However, if anyone else gets the bright idea to make more videos on the game, spoilers are going to be ripe. Even those playing the game who are just talking about it online could ruin it for you. No one wants that.

That’s why I say avoid all sorts of spoilers as much as you can. This version of the game will be buggy, and has clearly been delayed to allow the developers more time to fix certain bugs. The resulting experience that these retailers will have will, therefore, be sub-par. If you see stories about game-breaking bugs, I wouldn’t be surprised. These players are making a choice to play a version of the game that they know is the best around. It shouldn’t surprise them if it’s breaking.

What I’m saying here, is that you only have just over one week to wait until you get your copy of this game. You just need to hold out a little longer. The final game will definitely be worth it, and everyone who plays it will have a great time. Let’s not ruin that by allowing those spoilers to become mainstream.

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