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New Hitman 3 Location Revealed – Chongqing


Earlier this week, Io Interactive published a brand new video of Hitman 3. Most of the news surrounding the developer has been all about their new project, which focuses on the James Bond IP. Hitman 3 is still well on the way though, and now we have a third location to add to England and Dubai, that is Chongqing in China. This location was revealed, very much on purpose, through a development video. The overall idea was actually to show off the immersive tools that are part of the game’s ending. It definitely doesn’t hurt to show off more new content though.

The bits of Chongqing that we get to see are pretty damn impressive. The entire map seems to be made up of long alleyways and streets, with neon signs plastered up the sides of each building. It’s a hard environment to hide in, because there’s just so much light. On the other hand, it looks like there are a lot of little nooks to push up inside. This will make hiding around the corner from someone much easier. As long as you play Agent 47 just right.

There are also a few people walking around with very big guns, and they’re not too shy about who sees them either. I think these guys will make up some form of gang, and Agent 47 will need to infiltrate that gang in order to get what he needs.

I also want to touch upon the fact that Io Interactive is telling us that they’re improving both Hitman and Hitman 2 with the enhancements they’re bringing with Hitman 3. This is similar to how Hitman 2 improved the base game of Hitman with the few new mechanics and general upgrades that the developer implemented in it.

Finally, there’s also a little section showing off an inauguration. I think this is part of the Dubai mission, and it tells me that we’re going to have to take someone down who is very high-profile indeed. I don’t see that mission being easy by any means, but I know that there will be a number of wacky ways for us to complete our objective.

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