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Sony’s Been Banning PS5 Users For Selling PlayStation Plus Collection Unlocks


PS4 users who have purchased access to the PlayStation Plus Collection from PS5 users are reportedly being banned by Sony. There’s apparently a loophole that allows this to happen, and PS5 early adopters have been taking advantage of it. Whether this is okay, slimy, or illegal is pretty unclear. What is definite though, is the fact that Sony is banning the PS4 users who pay for access to the service with a PS5 user. It’s something that I don’t think is uncalled for, but it’s certainly adding to the poor reputation that both Sony and the PS5 has right now.

The report comes from VGC, which explains that a PS5 user can log into a PS4 user’s account and unlock access to The PlayStation Plus Collection for free. They can do this from their PS5, so there’s not even a need to mess around with logging into accounts across multiple devices. The reason that the service unlocks for the PS4 user is that they’re logged in as the same user, it’s a service that can be accessed across all devices from one account.

Sony’s marketing team are very clear, The PlayStation Plus Collection is a perk for PS5 users only. However, that hasn’t stopped PS5 users from selling access to it through sites such as Ebay. One user allegedly made over £100 selling access to users for £5 each. It seems like such a small price to pay initially, but when you realise that Sony is going to ban your account as a result, the costs gets far higher.

The users who have been banned have been advised that the ban will last for two months. Interestingly, the PS5 consoles used in this process have been permanently banned. Obviously, Sony realises that the blame actually lies with those selling the service, rather than those paying to access it. Still, a slap on the wrist is enough to remind you not to mess around with the people controlling your console’s ecosystem. I can’t say that I’d ever be tempted to do this, but I can certainly understand the appeal of getting access to all of those games for £5 instead of paying for them outright.

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