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Fahrenheit: 15th Anniversary Edition Is Coming In 2021


If there is one thing that you save for in 2021, let it be Fahrenheit: 15th Anniversary Edition. This edition of the game is very special, celebrating 15 years since it first graced our screens. It’s one of my favourite games of all time, and I actually own the special edition of the PS2 release already from when it first came out. It’s one of the first games that showed me how much a game can push boundaries and tells a story that, while a little wacky, opens up doors for storytelling that most people simply aren’t aware of. It also had a banging demo featuring the game’s director himself, which was a very weird thing to play through.

This edition of the game has been delayed until 2021, it was originally due out this year. That just means that we have more time to save up for it, though at £25 it’s not that expensive. It has a special edition case, stickers, and a high-quality artbook with a special thank you from the team. If you remember playing this game, as I do, then you know you need to pick this up.

The thing about Fahrenheit is that it was where Quantic Dream really got their big break. The game before it may have starred David Bowie, but it didn’t take off as this one did. I remember talking to people about this game and finding out that there was a small cult following. To me, it’s one of the first games to develop a following despite it not being massively popular. It was a guilty pleasure that everyone played at night, even though they said they were playing GTA: San Andreas.

Quantic Dream has come a long way since this PS2 release. Right now we’re waiting to see what they bring out for the PS5, which will only be their best-looking game to date. They may not be able to push the medium of gaming as far as they might like, but by creating more games like this they remind us that it is possible to make something other than the traditional game everyone expects. You certainly won’t see a season pass in any of them.

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