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ARK 2 Looks Like A Reason To Buy An Xbox Series X/S


Ark: Survival Evolved is one of those MMOs that I’ve never quite gotten around to investing much time in. I’ve heard fantastic things about it and all of its expansions, but there are so many other games out there that I’m already deeply invested in. I’d love to try it one day, but with Ark 2 on the way, I may never get around to doing so. This next game in the franchise stars Vin Diesel, who is also said to be working on the game. With both him and dinosaurs on the cards, there’s very little that’s stopping me from playing it when it launches. I also think it will drive Xbox Series X/S sales through the roof.

The game is hitting Microsoft’s new consoles in 2022, when they won’t feel quite so new anymore. It will be a console exclusive, and anyone without one of them will be majorly missing out. Particularly if you love Ark: Survival Evolved. The reason it’s exclusive is because the first game has such a history with Xbox players. Everything has launched on Xbox One first, and I think it’s only right that these players get their teeth into the next entry in the series first.

Ark 2 is going to star Vin Diesel as a character, Santiago, who is going to crossover with the upcoming television series. I don’t know the ins and outs of it all, but I imagine that the TV series is going to bridge the gap between the two games, and sort out a lot of the lore. There are a few MMOs that could do with this sort of service. As for his character in Ark 2, I can’t tell you anything about him. I would imagine that he’ll be someone important, possibly a vendor, and will hand out quests or have you perform certain tasks as part of a wider story.

Vin Diesel is the second huge name I’ve seen in games over what will eventually be the past two or three years. Keanu Reeves seems to have set a new precedent. It only makes sense for actors to work on games, because they become part of something immortal, something that will outlive them and only garner them more fame. Let’s see where it takes Vin Diesel in 2022.

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