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Play Cloudpunk While You Wait For Cyberpunk 2077 To Be Fixed


Cyberpunk 2077 is in a pretty bad state. There’s no denying it. The game has been delisted from the PlayStation Store, and it’s being heavily criticized by most players for all the bugs and glitches. I’ve definitely encountered these bugs and glitches, some during important story cutscenes, but I’m not that bothered by them. I think that’s because I’m more focused on the overall picture than I am on the bits and pieces that aren’t perfect. There’s a long way to go, but I’d say it’s still definitely playable though. For those who disagree, I have a recommendation. It’s called Cloudpunk.

I can’t recommend Cloudpunk enough. It launched a while ago, but it’s like a low-fi version of Cyberpunk 2077. The game is set in a dystopian future city that expands around the entire world. You play as a driver for an illicit delivery company, but your delivery jobs are only part of the story. The world is filled with people and stories to encounter. As you progress, you’ll get a better idea for the overall world, and how people feel about their lives in this place.

I think that Nautilus, the world of Cloudpunk, and Night City, the world of Cyberpunk 2077, have a lot of similarities. They’re both filled with people trying to eke out a living in some way shape or form. They’re struggling though, because the top 1% of people seem to own and take everything, leaving the scraps for the 99% who are left. It’s totally unfair, but it also breeds some extremely new and interesting types of story.

I think that Cloudpunk is a great stop-gap for Cyberpunk 2077. You can play it while waiting for CD Projekt Red to sort their game out, and you won’t lose that cyberpunk buzz. If anything, I’d say that the game will make you even more excited for the biggest title of 2020. If you’re unsure if you want to play Cyberpunk 2077 with all of these bugs in mind, then Cloudpunk is a really great place to get started in your cyberpunk journey. It’s cheap, it’s an indie, but it plays like a triple A game.

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