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Cloudpunk Is A Perfect Holiday Game


It might not be Christmas anymore, but don’t let that stop you from playing games. There are so many out there, many of which might have passed you by in 2020, that you should take this as an opportunity to sit down and pour even more hours into an experience that can fuel you through January. No one likes January. You’re either back to school or back to work, neither of which you’re longing to return to. You may even be back at work as you’re reading this. I’m sorry if you are. But there’s still hope. You can pretend it’s the holidays and still pour hours into a game. The game I recommend you do that with is Cloudpunk.

Cloudpunk is a very different kind of game. It’s an extremely low-fi sci-fi experience. You play as a driver for the illicit delivery company known as Cloudpunk. You deliver packages around the city that has overtaken the world, and encounter all sorts of characters along the way. The small stories within the overarching one really are what makes this such a special game. There are all kinds of people to meet, every single one of which will make their impact on you at some point.

The world of this game is also quite interesting, and it’s one I think everyone should explore a little. You’ll see how the developers have filled every nook and cranny with something interesting to look at. The views that you see as part of each quest are a particular highlight. What I think is more interesting though, are the platforms you must land on with each job. Countries, cities, and towns are gone in this game. It’s all about this one megacity, and it’s a little depressing.

I think that Cloudpunk is a unique title because it takes the cyberpunk theme and runs with it in the opposite direction to most games. There’s a quiet optimism from the protagonist that’s refreshing. The low-fi graphics are the opposite of what a futuristic cityscape is about. Players don’t control an overpowered protagonist, they play as the lowest class in the megacity. If you’ve got some space to fit in a new game, this is the one you should be playing. It’s on offer on Nintendo Switch right now, so look there if you get a chance.

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