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CD Projekt Red Need To Be Given A Break


Cyberpunk 2077 launched as a bit of a mess. It’s nothing like the low-fi equivalent in Cloudpunk, but in some ways it does look very similar. Particularly if you run too fast. The bottom line is that CD Projekt Red should have waited much longer to launch the game. They needed many more months to fix the bugs and glitches, and it would have been a roaring success. I firmly believe that no matter how long it was delayed, it would have done well if it launched without all of the issues that it did end up launching with. As it is, the game is now the subject of at least one lawsuit against the developer. It wasn’t worth pushing out early.

I don’t pretend to understand the pressures that the higher-ups at CD Projekt Red were under with this one. I imagine that with 2020 being what it has been, investors were counting on a big payout from Cyberpunk 2077. I do think that they put too much pressure on the developer to put the game out, but that doesn’t mean that they deserve a payout because things went wrong. It also doesn’t mean that CD Projekt Red is at fault. However, they knew the state of the game, and they probably should have shown said investors as a way to prove to them that it wasn’t ready.

From here on out, Cyberpunk 2077 will be used as an example of how not to launch a game. I’ve seen a number of people also use them as a reason to stop working on ideas. If you can’t finish it, it’s not worth putting out, because no one wants an unfinished product.

CD Projetk Red now needs a break though. they’re the subject of a lot of criticism, and I think they all get it. What needs to happen now is for them to disappear and work on this game until it’s in a state that they’re happy with. Then they should have a relaunch and offer something fresh and new to players. This entire situation is a disaster, but harping on about it is only going to put one of the best developers out there under so much pressure that they might crack. I’m not saying they’re not to blame, but I am saying that we need to stop.

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