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Pick Up A Game You’ve Missed Out On For The Start Of 2021


Now that we’re into 2021, it’s time to look back at all of those games you’ve missed over the years and pick one to start. I don’t mean a game from 2020 specifically, though that would work. No, I mean a game that you wish you’d played at launch. Something that seemed like a lot of fun, but you never had the time to play. Now is the time to pick that game up and run with it, because there’s still a lot of waiting around to do while we all get our coronavirus (COVDI-19) vaccines. I bet you could finish a few in that time too.

For me, there are two potential games that I’m going to pick up and try to finish. The first is the incredible Dying Light. This game has a sequel on the way, but it’s still getting content updates almost six years after it launched. For that reason alone, I want to jump in and see what all the fuss is about. This is a game I played one hour of and then had to move away from. I never went back, and it’s one of my biggest regrets.

The second game that I’ll be trying to put time into as 2021 starts up is State of Decay 2. That game is the sequel to my favourite zombie apocalypse simulator, and I’ve had it ready to go on my Xbox Series X since I purchased it. It’s all about surviving day to day with the supplies you find out in the world. You can progress the story if you want to, but what I love is the idea of just surviving against the odds. There’s a world of zombies to battle against just to get from day to night, and that’s super exciting to me.

For you, there could be any number of games that you feel like you’ve missed out on. I want to point out that there’s no reason not to go back and play them now. 2020 was an awful year, so why not make up for all that rubbish by playing something that is pretty much guaranteed to be good?

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