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Sony Made A Good Move With Maneater’s Refunds


For January 2021, Maneater on PS5 is one of the free games on offer to PlayStation Plus subscribers. The game only launched at the end of November last year, and then a sale came along and cut the price right down. As you can imagine, a lot of people purchased the game before they knew it would be free on the subscription service that they almost certainly have. Naturally, some people were annoyed about this, and then requested a refund. Thankfully, Sony has been very good about the whole situation, and they’re offering refunds without any fuss for the game.

Sony has been pretty bad when it comes to refunds and issues in the past. They’re quite a closed company, and don’t like sharing news of their downfalls. However, in this instance, they’ve done the opposite of what I expected them to do, and are giving full refunds to all players who purchased Maneater on PS5 on or after launch.

There could be two reasons for this that make sense behind the scenes. The first is that Sony will already be benefitting from those players who download the game with PlayStation Plus. The company has millions of subscribers, and if they make the service look more appealing, they’ll have more guaranteed income each year.

The second reason that I think Sony is doing this is that the deal has already been done. The company came to an agreement with Tripwire Interactive, and they’ve already paid out for the game. They know that they’re going to be offering it for free, so they don’t mind refunding all the purchases of it.

The thing with PlayStation Plus games is that they always sell well long after they’ve been free. Most of the install base of PlayStation users raises up the hype for the game, and Sony benefits from the sales of it for the rest of the year after it was free. Maneater is a phenomenal game, so it’s no surprise that Sony wants as many people to have it as possible. I think that this move is a sign that the company will be consumer-focused in 2021, which is never a bad thing.

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