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What I Want From Tomorrow’s Monster Hunter Digital Event


Earlier this week, the official Monster Hunter Twitter account made a post about this week’s Monster Hunter Digital Event. It’s a short post, and doesn’t cover much of what we’ll be seeing at all. Apparently, we’ll be getting a fully-narrated video of the game, something we haven’t seen before this time around. There’s also word that we’ll be getting a release date for the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise demo, which is set to launch this month. There are some other things I’d like to see though, so I thought I’d go through them here in case you’ve forgotten about the other aspects of the franchise that we could be hearing about tomorrow.


Okay, so I do want to hear about Monster Hunter Rise. I’m excited to play a demo of it and find out what it feels like to play. I would like to see a trailer that covers more of the endgame for the title though. I want to know what will keep me playing long after I’ve finished the story. Will there be daily and weekly quests? Could there be some sort of legendary hunt to go out on? I’d even settle for community quests that require you to hunt a certain number of monsters. Basically, I want to know how long I’ll go on playing the game.

The next thing I’d love to see a little more of from this event is Monster Hunter Stories 2. This sequel is going to be fantastic, but I think it’s been left by the wayside slightly. Let’s get a bit of news about it, whether that’s a new story trailer or some gameplay.

Finally, I really want to know where Monster Hunter World is going this year. I would love to see the game on Nintendo Switch, but I don’t think that’s too likely to happen anytime soon. However, it’s been ages since we got Iceborne, so maybe we could get an announcement and a little tease for a brand new full-scale expansion for the game? Monster Hunter World launched in Q1, while Iceborne dropped in Q3. I reckon that if there is something on the way, it’ll be coming out in the Holiday 2021 window, but it needs to be announced tomorrow.

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