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I Can’t Wait To Get My Hitman 3 Platinum Trophy


The Hitman reboot trilogy is almost perfect. The first and second games in the trilogy were good, but they were episodic. This is part of the reason that Square Enix tried to sell Io Interactive, and why the developer is now independent. The games didn’t sell as well as they could when they were episodic. Hitman 2 suffered from being episodic because it was built off the back of the first game. With Hitman 3 though, things are different. It’s a full game in its own right, no episodes to download over the course of days, and no separate trophies for each one. This is the first real chance we’ve all had at getting a Hitman reboot platinum, and I’m extremely excited to see it.

Episodic games often don’t have platinum trophies. It’s a necessary evil because games can’t have platinum if they’re under a certain length. This is an issue for some players, myself included because we want to get hold of those platinums and display them proudly on our profile on the PSN. I loved playing those first two Hitman reboot trilogy games, but honestly, I did give up in part because I couldn’t ever get a platinum trophy in them. Were it possible, I’d have played them a lot more.

Hitman 3 sounds like it’s very different though. It’s a full game, and definitely not episodic. That means that it will probably have a platinum. Not least because it’s a full-priced game on PS5, meaning it’ll cost you the better part of £100 at this point. I don’t mind the price, because it’s comparable to the previous launches. I would however mind if Io Interactive hadn’t included a platinum.

My hope, with the game launching in a couple of weeks on January 20, 2020, is that I’ll be able to finally spend hundreds of hours in a Hitman game that I love. One day I will finally get my hands on the platinum, and I’ll be able show it off to all who check out my profile online. There’s a chance that the game may not have one. For example, if it’s been built as an episodic release internally. I delay hope that isn’t the case though, because it will put me off the title massively.

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