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I’ve Put Cyberpunk 2077 On Ice For Now


It’s no secret that Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that needs some work. So far not only has it been removed from the PlayStation Store, but the game is also the subject of a lawsuit between CD Projekt Red and some of their investors. The developer probably shouldn’t have put it out when they did, and I think they were put under immense pressure to do so. Regardless, the player base has now dropped three times faster than that of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, making this a very disappointing release for the company indeed. That’s why I’ve decided to stop playing the game for now.

I’m not saying that everyone should outright stop playing Cyberpunk 2077. Not at all. If you enjoy the game, then by all means you should be playing it as much as you want. It’s got some great missions to experience, and a solid RPG upgrade system that’s easily the most complex I’ve seen in a mainstream release. What I am saying is that you should stop playing it if you’re too annoyed by the bugs, or just want to play it in a better state.

CD Projekt Red has pledged that they’ll be releasing two big patches. One comes this month, and one comes next month. In addition to these, they’re constantly working on little fixes for issues they pick up in-between. After a certain point, the game will be in a much better state than it is now simply because of all of the fixes that have been made. It’ll be much closer to the experience the developers intended us to have on December 10.

What I’m waiting for is the PS5 version of this game. I think that once the next-gen versions of it have dropped, it’ll be at a point when players can enjoy it without most of the bugs and glitches that plague it right now. There could even be missing features that have been added back in at that point. There’s so much potential for this game that it doesn’t make sense to burn yourself out on it in its current state. Instead, buy some games in a cheap deal, enjoy those, and come back to Cyberpunk 2077 when it’s ready.

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