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Respawn Entertainment Should Make An Open World Titanfall Game


Respawn Entertainment is a developer that has only gone from strength to strength. They first made a big splash with Titanfall, an awesome multiplayer game that never really hit home because players weren’t after an always-online game at the time. With the sequel however, the single player campaign hit the mark, and it’s still got a cult following today. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a complete smash, and is a game that I continue to play today. The company even dropped Apex Legends, a free-to-play battle royale game that’s basically keeping them afloat with ease. Now though, they’re working on a new IP, a game that will allow players to ‘adventure forever’, and I think it should be set in the Titanfall universe.

The Titanfall universe is an awesome sci-fi setting for all sorts of media. With games though, it’s found a home like no other. Even Apex Legends is part of the same universe, allowing us to explore aspects of it that we wouldn’t normally see. The small stories told around the battle royale game are what continues to expand it, but there’s so much more to explore in the other games in the franchise.

The game wouldn’t need to be another Titanfall entry with huge robots, it could just be a game that will expose players to a much more grounded experience. I think that playing as a character who is exploring a new world that humanity has only just set foot on would be a great place to start. Machines could come into it at some point, but the primary focus for the player would be uncovering new aspects of the world which will then play into the overarching story.

With DLC too, the world could shift and change as war comes and goes, or humanity’s exploration of the universe expands. I think that this would allow players to explore and adventure forever, never finding a true endpoint because of additional online missions. I’d love to see this, and I think being a single player game would make more sense since there are already plenty of online games doing very well in the Titanfall universe.

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