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You May Have Just Two Months To Relive The Mass Effect Trilogy


Mass Effect Legendary Edition was announced last year, but since then we’ve had very few details on the game. We do know that it’ll contain the first three Mass Effect games, and that they’ll have been remastered for modern consoles. When I say modern consoles, I do actually mean the PS4 and Xbox One, not the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Now, it looks like a retailer has accidentally revealed the launch date for this upcoming package, and it leaves very little time to replay the three main Mass Effect games before reliving them in their glorious new versions.

The retailer in question is a South-Eastern one, as reported by WhatIfGaming. Their listing puts a release date of March 12, 2021 on Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which is absolutely no time at all. Considering how big each of these Mass Effect games is, that’s barely enough time to get through the first one. I myself have done a couple of playthroughs of it, and enjoy the planet resource scrounging aspect. I’d be gutted if I had to steamroll that stuff, but now it looks like I do.

As for how likely this release date is, let’s consider it for a moment. EA has previously said that the game is going to land in Spring 2021, and that’s about right for March. While in the UK it still feels like winter, it is technically the beginning of spring. It’ll also be a nice boost to the end of EA’s current fiscal year figures, adn their opening ones for the next financial year. All in all, it’s a great position to release a game, as long as it’s ready.

BioWare has had a tough time lately with all of the Anthem controversies. If they’re splitting their work between Anthem Next and this new Mass Effect trilogy, as well as Mass Effect 4 and Dragon Age 4, then they might have a bit too much on their plate. EA, and the public don’t want to see a delay, which is probably why we haven’t had a release date yet. If there isn’t a date to stick to, EA and BioWare look good if they miss it. Eventually, they’ll have to give us one, but as for whether it’s March or not remains to be seen.

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